What to do in the Ebro Delta

Cycling and hiking, kayaking, windsurfing, swimming on huge beaches, seeing thousands of birds, tasting excellent cuisine … All this and much more you can do in the Ebro Delta, a destination that never ceases to amaze.

You can hire a bicycle rental service directly from Cal Gasso.

4 Camins

The lagoons by bike

One of the most recommended cycling routes from Cal Gasso is the one that goes around the Encanyissada and La Tancada lagoons. You have to go to the Casa de Fusta, very close to the Poble Nou del Delta, and from there start cycling. You will see the typical vegetation of the lagoons, birds and you also can stop at the viewpoints. Total distance: 26km Bike duration: 4 hours

The best sunsets

The light of the Delta is spectacular, both the sunrise and the sunset offer skies of infinite colors that seduce and surprise. The Trabucador peninsula or the viewpoints of the Encanyissada are some points to enjoy it.

Territory of birds

The Delta is a year-round ornithological spectacle. Spring and summer are the ideal time to observe the different species that have bred and filled the Delta with life. In the autumn, the time of the great migrations, the Delta becomes an essential stop and a place of passage for a large number of birds. Winter is the season for waterfowl, a unique opportunity to enjoy the sight of herons, coots and ducks.

Get to know the territory with ...

Catering service

Cal Gasso offers the chance to wake up with a full and healthy breakfast to get your day off to a good start.

You can also order us a delicious paella and other typical Delta dishes.

And if you want you can use the cuisine of our dining area and cook with the wide variety of gastronomic products of the delta.

Delicious food

Natural and varied products are the key to the excellent cuisine of the Ebro Delta. Seasonal vegetables such as artichokes, tomatoes and other garden products; game meat, ducks and farm chickens; sea fish and river fish, seafood and rice, of course. All prepared with traditional culinary arts and also with the new trends of today’s cuisine. Bon Appetit!!!!

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